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Located in the heart of UBC, Hillel House offers a variety of attractive multipurpose rooms that can be tailored to accommodate your individual rental needs. Our totally accessible spaces make a perfect venue for workshops, corporate events, and lectures. Parties and other events requiring a liquor license are also considered based on capacity limits and availability. 

Assembly Hall (2nd Floor):

  • 2000 sq. ft. of open space with a wooden floor 

  • Seats up to 100 people around round
    or rectangular tables (chairs and tables included)

  • Seats 150 people theatre style 

  • A/V equipment: Projector, Screen,
    Wireless Microphones, Speaker Stands

  • WiFi

  • Table linen is available for rental at an additional cost


Hourly Weekday Rate: $250/hour (minimum 4 hours)

Full-day (8 hours) Rate: $1,800

Boardroom (3rd Floor):

  • Seats 10 people around a permanently placed Boardroom Table

  • Additional seating available for 10 more people

  • Includes A/V equipment (Projector or TV, speakers and microphones)

  • WiFi

  • Whiteboard


Weekday Rate: $150/hour (minimum 4 hours)

Full-day (8 hours) Rate: $1,000

Rent the Entire Building

Hillel House can be rented in full for events such as weekend retreats, large receptions and assemblies.


Just let us know the dates and specific requirements for your upcoming event and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote.


The Hillel House is available for bookings year round.

Bookings must be made at least 3 days in advance. A 50% non-refundable deposit for the use of the facility must be paid upon signing the contract. Bookings are done on a first-come-first-serve basis. When making a request, the renter must include sufficient time for set up and tear down. Rental Contracts/Agreements supersede this FAQ. Policies may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of Hillel BC Society. Read below for more information on frequently asked Hillel facility booking policies.

Rental Insurance

The Organizer agrees that it shall, at its sole cost and expense, procure and maintain a policy of commercial general liability insurance (including contractual liability) in an amount not less than:

  • If your event has between 1-50 attendees and no alcohol is served then$2,000,000, per occurrence.

  • If your event has between 51 and 99 attendees (inclusive) and no alcohol is served then $3,000,000, per occurrence.

  • Any event involving alcohol and / or 100-300 attendees then – $5,000,000,per occurrence.

The Organizer shall include Hillel BC SOCIETY,
ITS DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES & AGENTS as an additional insured party on the insurance policy and provide Hillel proof of insurance a minimum 48 hours prior to start of the Organizer’s event. 

Upon event approval

As per the contract, it is mandatory for your event to have insurance. You can purchase the necessary insurance by visiting the following website: Event Insurance.

When on the website, scroll down to see the application. In section 2 at the bottom, please select "Additional Insurance".

In section 3, you must choose the following details:

Type: Venue Owner 


Address: 6145 Student Union Blvd. 

City: Vancouver 

Province: BC 

Postal Code: V6T 1Z1


Please ensure that you provide all the necessary details accurately and in the correct format.

Regardless if you choose the link/broker provided above, we ask that you add these details to any insurance certificate you issue to be held at our event.

Audio Visual Equipment Policy

  • With the booking of the facility, the renter is given complimentary AV equipment to use during their event.

  • The renter should set a time with the Facility Rental Manager to learn how to use all the equipment before the event starts. Take notes if possible. 

  • If the renter requires assistance during their event, a Hillel staff member will try to assist the renter to the best of their ability.

Care & Condition of Venue

  • The Renter will leave the Rental Venue in a clean and orderly condition.

  • After the completion of the Event, Hillel BC will assess the condition of the Rental Venue to determine whether the Rental Venue has been left in a clean and orderly condition.

  • If Hillel BC determines, in its sole discretion, that the Rental Venue was not left in a clean and orderly condition, Hillel BC will charge a cleaning fee. The damage deposit will be used in this case.

Catering, Food & Kitchen Policy

  • Any external catering/food brought into Hillel House must be limited to rental areas only. External catering/food must be vegetarian (i.e. no shellfish or pork by-products) Tuna and Salmon are the only exceptions to this rule.

  • The kitchen is strictly Kosher, no outside food may be brought in to the kitchen.

  • No food that is brought in or prepared elsewhere, can come in contact with Hillel House flatware, cutlery or glasses.

  • The Kitchen is to remain locked at all times, unless otherwise authorized by Hillel BC.

  • For any questions regarding food or kitchen facilities, please contact the Facility Rental Manager.

Setup & Tear Down
Sufficient Time for your Event

The Organizer agrees that it shall, at its sole cost and expense, procure and maintain a policy of commercial general liability insurance (including contractual liability) in an amount not less than:

  • When selecting the time of your event, the renter must include sufficient time for set up and tear down. Most renters allocate 30 minutes to 1 hour for Setup & tear down depending on the size of their team.

  • Hillel offers Setup & Tear down services of your venue for a minimal fee of $25/hour each. Setup fees can increase at the discretion of the Facility Rental Manager.

  • $25/hour fee applied to rentals that extend beyond Hillel’s hours of operation:

Monday to Thursday

September 1 – April 30
9:00am – 5:00pm


May 1 – August 31 

10:00am – 3:00pm


September 1 – April 30
9:00am – 3:00pm


May 1 – August 31 
10:00am – 3:00pm

Closed Saturday, Sunday, Holidays and some Jewish holidays. Office Hours may change at any time.

  • If the event exceeds the time of the booking agreed upon in the contract, Hillel reserves the right to charge the Organizer for the extra usage of the room, and the extra staff time allotted to the event. In this case, the damage deposit will be used.

Damage Deposit

  • The organizer is responsible for providing a mandatory damage deposit.

  • The deposit will not be cashed unless damages occur to the facility.

  • The damage deposit will be reimbursed in full, providing no damages are incurred.

  • The damage deposit can be paid with cash, cheque, PayPal, or credit card (we don’t charge the credit card unless damage occurs).

Alcohol Policy

  • It is the responsibility of the Organizer to obey all applicable Provincial and Federal laws, including but not limited to prohibition of sales of alcohol to minors and intoxicated persons, and the Organizer shall obey such laws.

  • The Organizer is responsible for enforcing and abiding by all Provincial and Federal laws while on the premises, and the Organizer shall enforce and abide by such laws.

  • Alcoholic beverages must be served by an individual licensed with Serving It Right designation and approved by the RCMP and Campus Security, and the Organizer shall ensure that only such individuals do so.

  • The Organizer must obtain a Special Occasion Licence that permits the host to serve or sell liquor at an event in accordance with BC’s liquor laws and regulations. Event hosts are considered liquor licensees and are responsible for the safety of their guests.

  • The Organizer agrees to be liable for any fines, damages, claims, or other liabilities arising from the service and availability of alcoholic beverages during the rental period.

Cancellation Policy

  • If the Organizer chooses to cancel the event, they must give Hillel BC a minimum of 48 hours of advanced notice, or cancellation results in the forfeiture of the deposit, unless otherwise agreed by Hillel BC Society.

Assembly Hall
Entire Building

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