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Sandra Gilmour

AKA The Kitchen Wizard

Sandra is from South Africa and has lived in Canada for more than twenty years. She is a qualified chef who has worked in the catering and personal chef industry in various cities throughout South Africa, the USA and Canada.
Sandra loves to spend her time developing new recipes and making magic in the kitchen. She takes pride in feeding the staff at Hillel and enjoys interacting with the students when they come to Hillel for her weekly lunches. She is in her element preparing the Friday night Shabbat meals for which Hillel BC is known, while always keeping the menus interesting and healthy.
Her spice and condiment cupboard at home rival the best spice markets in Israel!
When not in the kitchen, she spends time with her husband, two kids, a myriad of friends and her two beloved fur children (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels).
Sandra also watches an obscene amount of TV and streaming channels, ensuring that she never misses anything that goes on in the world. Somewhere along the line we hope you will get to try some of her culinary creations!

Sandra Gilmour
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