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Assistant to the Assistant Executive Director

Ernie was born in North Bend (Washington State) and moved to Canada when he was only 3 months old. At the age of 6 months, Ernie graduated from the PetSmart Dog Academy where he enrolled in courses such as “Sleeping during the day” and “The basics of napping when there is noise around”. Upon graduation Ernie joined the work force and gained valuable experience sleeping under office tables in a corporate environment. In his later life, he decided to give back to his community and transitioned into sleeping in a non-for-profit setting.
Ernie “enjoys” the company of his older brother, Elijah the cat, with whom he shares similar interests.
In his spare time, Ernie enjoys chasing orange balls, sniffing and peeing on fire hydrants, and hoping that one of the kids around the house will drop some food on the floor.

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