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Hillel BC's Perspectives Trip 2023

Perspectives – Summer 2023!

Are you an engaged, open minded and curious undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia? Then Hillel BC has the perfect trip to kick off your summer: Perspectives 2023.

The Perspectives trip is designed to offer a nuanced view of the State of Israel and Palestinian Authority through meetings, presentations, site visits, speakers, and discussions. Topics will include history, culture, human rights, geopolitics, and more. Participants will be exposed to a wide variety of perspectives on Israel and Middle Eastern politics. This trip strives to educate about the complexities of Israel, the Middle East, and the conflict in a nuanced, immersive, and experiential way.

Throughout the journey, participants will be expected to engage in group discussions and reflections, ask challenging questions, and practice active listening. Over the span of 10 days, we will form a profound learning community and create space for understanding the opportunities and challenges facing Israel and the Palestinian Authority. 

All participants will be required to attend four pre-trip orientation sessions during the Winter Semester before going on the trip.

An example of some things you might see, learn, and do:

  • Explore the multi-ethnic, religious, and national diversity of the Old City of Jerusalem

  • Discover how conflict affects environmental concerns in the Dead Sea Valley

  • Visit Ramallah, the current capital of the Palestinian Authority, and hear from Palestinian leaders and locals

  • Explore a Bedouin village and hear from the Bedouin community residing in Israel

  • Hear multiple narratives from a wide variety of speakers and guests, including religious, secular, and Druze

  • Tour the separation barrier that divides Israel and the West Bank

  • Learn about Zionism, Jewish history, and Jewish connection to the Land of Israel

  • Enjoy delicious cuisine, hike in the beautiful desert, and build community with a diverse group of fellow UBC students


The trip dates are August 2-13, 2023

The trip is heavily subsidized, but participants will be responsible for certain meals and incidentals. To that end, participants are required to bring a minimum $400CAD for meals and incidentals.


Participants will also be responsible for any additional spending money they need for free nights or for personal purchases made throughout the trip.

We require a $200CAD deposit to secure your space on the trip and as a security deposit. This will be refunded upon completion of Perspectives 2023. This will not be refunded 30 days before the trip departure date if you decide to drop, nor will it be refunded in specific instances where participants damaged property or otherwise incurred cost to Hillel BC during the Perspectives 2023 trip. 

In order to be eligible for Perspectives 2023, all applicants must be returning to campus for a minimum of one full academic year following the completion of the trip.

If you are interested in participating in Perspectives 2023, please contact Adam Dobrer at

To apply for Perspectives 2023 click here.

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