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Student Clubs

Student Clubs


JSAThe Jewish Students’ Association (JSA)

The Jewish Students Association organizes events at Hillel that are based on core Jewish values, such as tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah (acts of charity).  We celebrate the Jewish holidays, develop educational programs, work on social action projects, and encourage people to connect with one another at discussions, parties and retreats.  As part of our mandate, the JSA also reaches out to a wide variety of organizations on campus, partnering with faculty, staff and other student clubs, and the greater Jewish community. Like us on facebook!


Israel On Campus (IOC)IOC

Within Hillel, Israel on Campus is a forum for diverse perspectives on Israeli affairs, as well as a place to celebrate all that Israel gives to the world.  Members of the IOC reflect a wide spectrum of opinions and encourage open conversation within a respectful setting.  By sponsoring programs such as Challah for a Heart which supports cardiac treatment for Arab and Jewish children throughout the Middle East, the IOC helps people transcend their political differences. Like us on facebook!